GNSS-Based Drag Performance Analyzer
GNSS-Based Drag Performance Analyzer
Test Your
Drag Performance
with PBOX
How many times have you been eager to accurately measure the performance of your vehicle?
Now, Xparkle delivers an app-enabled GNSS Performance Analyzer in an affordable and compact option.
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Effortlessly Measure Drag Data and Acceleration Metrics:
0-⅛ Mile, 0-¼ Mile, 0-½ Mile, 0-1 Mile, 0-60 mph,0-120 mph, 0-180 mph
Plus, Precise Braking Distance Analysis: 60-0 mph
Enhance your experience with options for custom measurements perfectly tailored to your specific needs!
With PBOX, you can now monitor your performance data anytime, anywhere.
Mastering Performance with PBOX
Speed is crafted, not wished. It's mastered by the bold, those who demand precision in every turn, every acceleration. PBOX stands at the forefront of this pursuit, offering a transformative experience in vehicle performance optimization.
Acceleration Analysis: The Foundation of Speed
Understanding your vehicle's acceleration is crucial for any performance enhancement. PBOX, equipped with cutting-edge GNSS technology, provides precise acceleration data, enabling you to fine-tune your vehicle's powertrain for maximum thrust. Every millisecond shaved off your acceleration time can be the difference between leading the pack or trailing behind. This isn't just about speed; it's about mastering every move with PBOX.
Braking Distance: The Key to Control
Equally critical to mastering your vehicle is the ability to measure and control braking distance with absolute precision. PBOX ensures you have the exact data to calibrate your brakes and tires for optimal stopping power. Superior braking isn't just about safety; it's about confidently entering corners faster and exiting them with unmatched speed.
Perfection with Vehicle's Dynamics
PBOX is more than a measuring tool; it's an analyzer, optimizer, and a crucial partner in your journey of continuous improvement. It empowers you to analyze, adjust, and adapt, transforming both driver and machine into a formidable force on the track. With PBOX, make informed modifications that matter, pushing your vehicle beyond limits, safely and efficiently.
Improved Accuracy by
Tracking Two Satellite Constellations
The latest Ublox M8 GPS module harnesses a multi-GNSS system, allowing simultaneous reception of GPS and GLONASS signals.
Our GNSS Performance Analyzer supports both GPS and GLONASS within the Global Navigation Satellite System, offering improved positional accuracy by tracking two satellite constellations instead of just GPS.
With a 10 Hz update rate (ten times per second), it enables more detailed and higher-resolution vehicle tracking, providing trails with ten times the resolution compared to the conventional 1 Hz positioning update rate.
Concurrent reception of up to 2 GNSS (GPS, GLONASS)
A-GPS Integration
Industry-leading –167 dBm navigation sensitivity
Advanced jamming and spoofing detection
Capture Your
Performance in Action!
With our app, not only can you measure and analyze your vehicle's performance effortlessly, but you can also record full videos of your tests with insightful data displayed as an OSD (On-Screen Display).
Download the app to visually capture and review your performance in action.
Details That Count
Swift Positioning with A-GPS
A-GPS boosts GPS with your smartphone, ensuring swift, accurate location tracking even in challenging environments.
Real-time Audible Cues
Navigate your session with PBOX's real-time audio cues. Stay informed and adjust on the fly, keeping your focus where it matters.
Smartphone-Enabled Review
Goodbye, computer dependency. With PBOX, review your session stats directly on your smartphone, right after your session. Fast, convenient, and smart.
Ultra-Portable Size
Tiny yet functional, fitting easily in the palm of your hand at 6cm x 3.8cm x 1.5cm. It's designed for easy portability and minimal space usage.
Saving Money
Obtain precise data at a significantly lower cost compared to visiting the track, allowing you to allocate more of your budget towards superior upgrades for your vehicle. This strategy enhances your competitive advantage!
Connect. Compete. Conquer.
PBOX with Bluetooth.
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) ensures efficient, high-speed connectivity between your PBOX and smartphone, with stable, energy-efficient connection.
Focus on your performance, not battery life.
Enjoy continuous improvements and enhanced performance with over-the-air updates!
Uninterrupted Performance:
6-Hour LiPo Endurance.
PBOX, equipped with a 500mAh LiPo battery, provides 6 hours of continuous use on one charge. No need to worry about recharging during long practice sessions or back-to-back races – it ensures you capture every race moment without interruption.
Seeing is Believing
360 Viewing:
Feel every detail at every angle!
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Experience with AR!
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